Barbie S line rhinoplasty

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Barbie line rhinoplasty is the new trend cosmetic surgery to create the more natural look for you. Its technique emphasizes on revised the nose to the desired appearance of nose bridge together with the  tip of nasal which will contour your face in a cutey feminie way like a charming Barbie doll .

The nose will come out like S curve  and sharpen edged nose

We will consider the overall proportion of your face to make the outcome perfect ratio.

Starting from forehead, nose tip, lips, and front chin to make the perfect combination

The technic will revise from flat nose to taller nose bridge with the perfect slope at the end

People who has bulbous nose tip problem is recommended

After care surgery

Bruising and swelling of your nose and around cheek and upper lip can occur after the surgery. However, it will gradually improve after times which is normal. This is subject to individual.

When washing your face, do not run water directly onto the splint until the stitches had  removed

For the first week, do not blow your nose

You might experience mild to moderate discomfort that can be controlled with medication.

No smoking and alcohol for around 2 weeks

Aime clinic Ratchada-Huai Kwang branch shows off its unique under the concept of ‘ The One & Only Beauty Night Clinic ‘ as its first and only surgery clinic in Thai which opens everyday until 2 AM.

services include Facial Contouring (Rhinoplasty , Chin Enhancement , Double Eyelid Surgery , Forehead Augmentation ) , Breast Enhancement , Breast Reducement ,Facial Rejuvenation (Facelift) , Body Contouring Skin Rejuvenation , Acupuncture etc . led by a team of certified and experienced surgeons . Our team are pleased to provide the professional and trusted advice to suit your requirement as much as possible with reachable price and free online consultation.

We are prompt to reach you with 5 branches available in Thailand which is 2 in Bangkok , Ratchada-Huai Kwang, and Ratchapruek. Meanwhile 3 outside of Bangkok which is Chantaburi, Petchaburi and Udonthani

Call Center : 083-461-5666

line : @aime_clinic

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